Manufacturing labs offer flexible completion

July 15, 2019

Jackson College is making it easier for students in manufacturing and skilled trades to get the classes they need! Jobs in advanced manufacturing and other trades, such as electronic technology, are in demand today across the U.S. To better suit the needs and schedules of students going into these fields, Jackson College now offers a […]

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

July 7, 2019

Dual enrollment allows motivated students to earn free college credits while still in high school! Through dual enrollment, students may enroll in both high school and college. They may take courses their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years, accumulating credits for college and perhaps taking subjects unavailable at their high school. They may start to […]

Teacher Education Program Returns

June 18, 2019

Great teachers are always in demand – now more than ever. New offerings at Jackson College will help meet that demand. The College discontinued teacher education because of declining enrollment and demand, but now there is a greater interest at the local, state and national levels with some teacher shortages. To help meet this demand, […]

Career Profile: Cloud Networking

March 18, 2019

Big data is leading to big opportunity for computer network specialists with knowledge of cloud computing! To help meet this demand, Jackson College will launch an Associate in Applied Science in Cloud Networking program this fall. Networks keep computers “talking” with one another and involves the necessary hardware, software and computer channels to keep systems connected. […]

Profile: Oasis Center assists with mental health & wellness

March 17, 2019

Promoting health and wellness for the whole person, that’s the goal of the new Oasis Center at Jackson College. The Oasis Center will provide mental health support to students and employees. Services are offered in partnership with Family Services and Children’s Aid (FSCA) of Jackson. Plans for the clinic began about a year ago, in […]

Profile: Honors Program offers opportunity to reach higher

November 29, 2018

Students may take their college experience to the next level with the new Jackson College Honors program! Jackson College launches its own honors program this year, offering talented and motivated students the opportunity to dig deeper and reach further in their college experience. Previously the College worked in partnership with the American Honors Program, which has […]

Cyber Security Team Profile

March 22, 2018

Jackson College students experienced a real taste of defending a corporate computer network from attack recently when the Cyber Defense team took third-place at the 2018 Michigan Collegiate Cyber Defense Network event! The competition was comprised of 10 teams from colleges and universities across the state. The only community colleges competing were Jackson College and […]

Career Profile: Electrician

January 17, 2018

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures in homes, businesses, industries, external structures and more. Electricians work in residential, industrial and commercial settings. Jackson College offers both an associate degree and certificate to become an electrician, and a concentration in electrical basics. All electricians start with a basic knowledge of electricity and […]

Transfer Program Profile: Mathematics

January 17, 2018

Do you enjoy solving problems? Does working with numbers and formulas come naturally to you? Study of mathematics offers ample career opportunities. “If you like problem solving, trying different things and being creative in solving problems, the processes in mathematics are really appealing,” said Professor Kristi Laird. “Many who go into math or engineering would […]

Transfer Program Profile: English

January 2, 2018

What will the story of your future be? Studying English prepares you for many opportunities! Typical career opportunities for English majors include writer, editor, teacher or librarian, but the field is vast. Students with a major or minor in English can work in many fields. “The skills you develop really prepare you for the world, […]