From resume help, finding internships to dressing for success: How the Employment Hub can help students and alumni thrive.

Have you heard of Jackson College’s Employment Hub?

It’s focused on assisting JC students and alumni by preparing them to succeed in today’s workforce.

But, faculty and alumni can also use the hub. It doesn’t matter if you are advancing or have completed your program. The Employment Hub will help you be more knowledgeable and confident when trying to land your dream job.

Pathway U

One of the many services offered is Pathway U. Coordinator April Grella can meet with people to help them figure out what your passion and what type of work environment you can thrive in.

“We take the assessments, and we talk about where they might see themselves in the workforce and from there we can determine if there are any open jobs that they would like to apply for,” she said. “It’s not a magic tool but it is going to help you find that purpose and passion and give you a bunch of different options and a wide variety of different careers that you could possibly see yourself in and it’s going to rank them from what you’re going to be probably the best all the way down to what is probably going to be a bad fit for you.”

Résumé assistance

She can also help you with how to begin to write a résumé to tips on how to get the most out of your cover letter and help with building a LinkedIn profile.

“I get writer’s block so it’s hard for me to reflect a lot of times, and because of my age I feel like I’m in a hurry. So, for me to use the Employment Hub is a lot more efficient for me because I don’t have the time to sit down and do this stuff myself because of my work and school,” student Courtney Raser said.

Grella also helps students with internships. So far, 66 students have completed internship experiences.

“We have about 12 different programs on campus that require an internship in order for the student to graduate and those students could come through my office to get enrolled into that internship course and if they also need assistance and help finding that internship, I am the person that they would go for that.”

Jackets for Jets

The services stem from mock interviews all the way down to finding that outfit for a job interview. It is available to all students to help you dress for success, located right on Central Campus in Bert Walker Hall.

“Jackets for Jets is a 100 percent donation-based closet. “We have blouses, skirts, dresses, button-up shirts and ties,” Grella said. “It’s available for pretty much anyone that would need it if they have a need.”

To access the closet, students can set up an appointment by e-mailing

To learn more about the Employment Hub click here.