Flying her way to success. How Chloe Miner credits her experience at Jackson College to becoming a certified pilot.

Chloe Miner has had a love for flying for as long as she can remember.  It started as a child passing by an airport and being fascinated by the airplanes parked in the hangar. She always thought it would be fun to fly but never really thought about it as a career until 5th grade.  

I had no idea females could be pilots until I met an American Airlines pilot in elementary school when my school hosted a job fair. She was talking about her career as an airline pilot and I thought that if she could do it, there would be nothing stopping me from doing it as well,” she said.  

The Laingsburg native chose Jackson College because she felt there was a friendly atmosphere.  

“I didn’t feel like just another number,” she said. “I felt like I belonged here.” 

Finding a home

She started her journey at Jackson College in 2019 majoring in Energy Systems Management. She recently earned her bachelor’s degree.  

“I’ve always been interested in energy systems and when looking for a degree, I was thinking aviation but also in case something happens with me medically and I can’t fly, I need a backup,” Miner said. “It’s such a fascinating career and then I can relate it to the aviation industry and help with current environmental issues going on. I thought this would be the perfect degree for me.” 

Balancing act

While attending Jackson College, Chloe also worked in the foundation office and credited Chief Advancement Officer Julie Hand for having a good experience.  

“She was always so sweet to work with and was an incredible boss. She worked her tail off as often as she could, and she helped the college and other students helping them getting scholarships and also helped me as a mentor. She’s just incredible,” Miner said.  

At one point Chloe had five part-time jobs while taking 17 college credits and flying as a full-time student. She would earn her private pilot certificate in her first semester at Jackson College.  

“You quickly learn what you can manage and what you can’t and how to prioritize your time with studying, working, just everything,” she said.  

Soaring to new heights

It was at the Flight School of Jackson where the flexibility allowed her to become a professional pilot. After going through training, she is now a certified flight instructor. She took an accelerated, rigorous 10-day course in Ohio. 

Prior to become a pilot she was an avid volunteer.  She helped with events at the local airport in Mason, Michigan at their Experimental Aircraft Association at their events as well as at the Jackson County Airport with the ground crew guiding aircraft. Once she became a pilot she was flying young aviators.  

“I also work at the Jackson College events such as the Easter Egg Hunt. It was the second year in a row I did that and our Halloween event too,” she said. “I just love helping people. That’s the main reason why just to see everyone smile and knowing we’re all in it for the right reason and that we’re all there for the common goal.” 

On the horizon

Chloe plans to apply to a regional airline after reaching 1,500 flying hours and then to a major airline to finish her career.  

“Flying gives you a sense of freedom that is different from the rest and is hard to describe until you experience it,” she said. “I am forever grateful for everything that I have accomplished and for all of the opportunities that I have had and continue to have day by day.”  

A dream of hers?  

Joining the Air Force as a F-16 Fighter Pilot.