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    • I understand that all communication, including the outcome of this appeal, will be sent via email to my JC email address.
    • I understand that any misrepresentation of the facts can result in disciplinary action.
    • I understand that if an appeal is granted, I must successfully complete all attempted classes with a 2.0 or higher GPA during the appeal semester(s).
    • I understand that if these standards are not met, I will be placed on financial aid suspension and lose financial aid for future semesters. If I am on credit limit, I also understand that this pertains to me.
    • I understand that incomplete appeals will be denied.
    • I understand that if an appeal is granted, and I use it for loans I may run out of loan eligibility in future semesters as there is a federal maximum that cannot be exceeded.
    • I understand that financial aid appeals can take 10-15 business days for processing.

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