John M. Crist


John Crist retired in the summer of 2017 after serving as President and Chief executive officer of CP Federal Credit Union for 20 years. Previously he had worked for 29 years for Consumers Energy in various accounting and benefits roles. He is an alumnus of Jackson Community College, and he earned his bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University in business and accounting.

He is active in numerous service organizations. He served as a past campaign chair and president of the board of United Way, serves on the board for the March of Dimes District Office in Lansing, Cascades Park Improvement Committee, Lions Club in Parma/Spring Arbor, Kiwanis Jackson Hosts Club, Business Network International, and the Sparks Foundation Board. He served on the board of Western Schools for 11 years.

Trustee Crist is married to his lovely wife Jan and has two children, a son and a daughter, and four grandchildren

John Crist headshot

Why did you decide to become a Jackson College Trustee?

As a life-long resident of Jackson County, I wanted to improve the lives of students and our community.  I strongly believe in education, associate degree and certifications.  I’m a graduate of Jackson College and believe in its values and mission. Jackson College started me on my road to success.  It was a great foundation to begin my education and I want to continue this tradition in an ever-changing society.

What do you enjoy most about serving as a Jackson College Trustee?

Seeing the students achieve their goals is very rewarding.  The Board and the President work hard to ensure each student succeeds.

From your perspective, in what ways do you see Jackson College serving the community?

  • Students:  Giving students a chance for the future at a reasonable cost. The quality of education is second to none.
  • Economically:  The college is an economic engine for the community which includes facilities, supplies and employment/compensation of employees.
  • Service:  By the service that the students, faculty, staff and administration give back to the community.
  • Example:  through service projects and serving on various boards within the community.

How has your experience with Jackson College impacted your life?

Being a graduate of Jackson college helped me launch my successful career in business, for which I am ever grateful.  It has also brought to my attention the changing needs for education for students of all ages.  The back bone of this country is an educated society.

What is one message you would offer to Jackson College students and/or the community?

Jackson College is here to support the students of this community and to do everything we can to make sure they succeed.  The TCS2 “Total Commitment to Student Success” is our focus and mission!