Music – Transfer Program

Many occupations include music, the most obvious being a music teacher or performer. Performers who have dutifully improved their craft can audition for performance opportunities at theme parks, on cruise ships, and in productions in major cities like Branson, Nashville and New York City. Music instructors can prepare to teach Elementary/General Music, Concert/Show Choir, Concert/Marching Band, Jazz/Athletic Bands and more. Due to their inherent positives for students and strong ties to community public relations, these occupations have remained in high demand for decades. Others occupations linked to studying music include songwriter/composer, arranger, music therapist, or conductor. Music majors can also work on the business side of the industry and become agents or store owners.

Jackson College’s music students have access to the College’s incredible performing arts complex, the George E. Potter Center. Students who qualify can study and perform with the JC Jazz Ensembles, Drumline, African Drum Ensemble, Pep Band, Community Concert Band and Jackson Chorale. These provide valuable concert experiences as well as academic credit.

Admittance to a four-year college music program is highly competitive and requires an audition. It is recommended that students contact their intended transfer institution during their first year to schedule an audition time. Our music faculty will help you coordinate your plan with your transfer school, giving you every advantage we can provide.

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year, Fall Semester

  • ENG 131, MAT 131, MAT 139 or MAT 141*, Michigan Transfer Agreement science course, MUS 103***, MUS 151**, MUS 167****, MUS 129, MUS 190

First Year, Spring Semester

  • ENG 132, Michigan Transfer Agreement science course, MUS 152**, MUS 168****, MUS 129, or MUS 190

Second Year, Fall Semester

  • MUS 130, Michigan Transfer Agreement social science courses, non-music Michigan Transfer Agreement humanities course, MUS 129, or MUS 190

Second Year, Spring Semester

  • MUS 131, Michigan Transfer Agreement social science course(s), MUS 129, or MUS 190

* Check mathematics requirements of transfer institution.

** May need to take test at transfer institution to receive credit.

*** Semesters required depend on amount of prior piano study.

**** Vocalists can take MUS 123/124 instead.