Radiography – Associate in Applied Science

A radiographer is the allied health professional who uses ionizing radiation to image patients in hospitals and various clinical settings. Radiographers perform general x-ray imaging of the body and may also go on to perform advanced imaging procedures such as CT, MRI, mammography and more.

It is a two-year program leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree. The curriculum consists of integrated didactic and clinical course work in an approved clinical education affiliate. The program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the field of diagnostic radiography. Positions are located within hospitals, medical clinics and other diagnostic imaging institutions. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to write the American Registry of Radiological Technologists (ARRT) exams. Satisfactory completion of the ARRT board certifying exams allows the radiographer to use the initials of R.T. (R), Registered Technologist (Radiography).

There are special admission requirements to the radiography programs, and it is the student’s responsibility to understand the requirements and adhere to them. Entry into a program is competitive and based on a point system. Point values are based on grades earned in prerequisite coursework and the interview process.

Applications are processed according to the following:

  • Applications must be received by the Allied Health Office by January 31.
  • Radiography Admission Committee conducts interviews.
  • Students are notified by mail of application/interview results.
  • Accepted students begin spring semester.

BIO 132 or BIO 253 and BIO 254, DMS 100, HOC 130 AND MOA 120 must be completed successfully before applying to the program.

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