Theatre – Courses

While the theatre courses at Jackson College do not directly lead to a degree, they open doors to numerous transfer opportunities, allowing students to seamlessly transition and apply their acquired skills and knowledge in pursuit of a broader academic path.

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
THR 102 Theatre Activities 1

Students are actively involved in creating, producing, acting, building, designing and the technical direction of a small studio production. Involvement may include acting or technical production.

THR 116 Introduction to Theatre 3 ENG 085*

Survey of Western theatre and drama. Appreciation of theatre through understanding of historical development and societal function. Theatre architecture, production, costuming and acting styles, and the artists who create them.

THR 131 Stagecraft I 3

Basic theory of set design, including tools, equipment, terminology and construction.

THR 134 Stagecraft II 3 THR 131

Continuation of Stagecraft I focusing on further developing techniques of stage scenery construction, rigging, scene painting and technical drafting. Process and methods of communicating design ideas through graphic representation are presented.

THR 145 Fundamentals of Acting I 4 ENG 085*

Fundamental theories and methodologies of acting and character development, using theatre games, improvisations and scene work with an emphasis on developing an ensemble.

THR 146 Fundamentals of Acting II 4 THR 145

Advanced character work and an opportunity to rehearse and perform a studio theatre production.

THR 151 Make-Up for Stage & Video 3

Students learn the fundamental techniques of design and application of make-up for theatre and video.

THR 201 Backstage Certification 1

Students receive training in manual and computerized light boards, sound systems, rigging and stage management and become certified on JC equipment. Students crew a production at JC.

THR 216 Voice for the Actor 3

This course will train the actor in the mechanics of vocal production, in the clarity, expressiveness and emotional context required for communicating the meaning of the spoken and written language and in dialects.

THR 241 Lighting for Stage and Video 3

Students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of lighting design for theatre, dance and video. Emphasis on design, execution and problem solving.

THR 242 Sound for Stage and Video 3

Students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of creating sound tracks for theatre and video. Topics include recording techniques, multi-track recording and mixing, editing, sound effects and sound reinforcement.

THR 260 Introduction to Directing 3 THR 145

Fundamentals of play directing. Exploration of text analysis, staging techniques and rehearsal processes. Student-directed scenes analyzed and critiqued. The instructor may allow you to take the prerequisite of THR 145 concurrently.

THR 268 Theatre Practicum 3 Instructor Permission Required

Practicum for actors, directors, technicians and playwrights. Students will gain practical experience within their field through active participation. Note: May be taken three times for credit (nine total credits may be earned).