Lyman L. Fink Excellence in Writing Contest

The Jackson College Foundation sponsors the Lyman L. Fink Excellence in Writing Contest and publication. The contest awards winning essayists with cash prizes or scholarships that come from the Lyman L. Fink Excellence in Writing Fund managed by the Jackson College Foundation. The Fund was established in memory of Mr. Fink, an English professor at what was then Jackson Community College from 1966 to 1987.


  • You may submit ONE individually authored essay.
  • Essays should be double-spaced, should have one-inch margins, and should be printed in a 12 point font.
  • Essays must not exceed 3,000 words in length.
  • Essays shall include pieces that are considered to be creative writing/human interest in nature. Research papers and technical forms of writing will not be considered.

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The late Mary Redmond, Lyman Fink’s sister, was the driving force behind the creation of the Lyman L. Fink Excellence in Writing Fund. Mary and her husband, Ralph, were the Fink Fund’s largest benefactors, and Ralph remains a big proponent of the fund dedicated to rewarding excellent student writers at Jackson College.

About Lyman L. Fink

Mr. Fink taught English at Jackson Community College from 1966 until his retirement in 1987. His primary interests were journalism and popular culture. Lyman used his time in the classroom, and as a student advisor, to encourage students in their pursuit of knowledge. Lyman worked toward a Ph.D. through Michigan State University. He wrote his dissertation on the Bonus Army March of 1932. Lyman was one unit shy of completing the requirements for his doctorate degree, but it seemed to be a source of amusement to him that he could not “get around” to finishing.

Outside of the classroom, Lyman was proud of his service to his country during World War II, when he was a ball turret gunner in the U.S. Army Air Force. Lyman was a member of a squadron that flew the harrowing “Hump” route over the Himalayan Mountains while supplying the American Volunteer Group (AVG) Flying Tigers, the 14th Air Force, and the Chinese Army. He also was an avid stamp collector and could spot the most minute flaw in any stamp. His attention to detail served his students well as he expected the same kind of attention be applied to writing.

Lyman L. Fink passed away February 14, 1995.

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