Share Your Story

Jackson County has a rich history, and you are part of it!

We all have memories of events and places that made an impact on our lives—stories about our families, jobs, homes, or experiences.  For example, do you remember your first job?

  • Did you have a loved one who worked for Sparton, Goodyear, Aeroquip or one of the many local factories and businesses?
  • Were you part of a club, church, organization, or committee that served our community in some way?
  • What are your memories about the Red Cross, the Reynold’s Airport, the Great Depression, the Cascades Falls?
  • Are you from a farming family?
  • What are some stories that your family has shared over the years?
  • Have you or your loved ones served in the military?
  • Did you attend Jackson Junior College?
  • Did you know one of the astronauts from Jackson?
  • Are you from a pioneer family?
  • So many possibilities—-

The Jackson College Heritage Center collects, preserves, and shares the stories of our community. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and share your stories with us.