woodrow wilson and lee hamptonWoodrow Wilson Jr. Multicultural Center

Bert Walker Hall, Room 135
2111 Emmons Road • Jackson, MI 49201

The Woodrow Wilson Jr. Multicultural Center was dedicated on Nov. 12, 2012 and serves as an inclusive space for students to explore, learn, and share their cultural identities and differences with one another. The center highlights the diversity in our college and supports and welcomes those who might need the assistance.

Woodrow Wilson Jr.

Woodrow Wilson Jr. first came to Jackson Community College as a student in 1964, graduating in 1967. After going on to obtain his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he returned to work for JCC in 1972 and dedicated 39 faithful years of service. Her served the College as a member of staff, as a counselor, and as a faculty member before retiring in 2011. He led by example and touched the lives of countless students, staff and faculty members by whom he was affectionately known as “Woody.” In 2012 he was the lone recipient of the College’s Martin Luther King Jr. Medal of Service Award. Because of his decades of faithful service and his endearing commitment to the advancement of the College, he has left a legacy of excellence that will live on for generations to come.