Web Liaison Committee

The purpose of the web liaison committee is to maintain the integrity of the overall design, functionality, and content of the Jackson College’s website. The committee creates and recommends best practices for web-related activities, explores new initiatives and strategies, receives training on website accessibility and reviews suggestions for changes and improvements to the website.

Current Members

Terry Anderson, Ashley Banks, Kelly Chambers, Joyce Dunbar, Sarah Ebersole, Jennifer Fiero, Marilynn Fryer, Brandy Grajek, Heather Marshall, Toby Montgomery, Jessie Parsons, Morgan Phillips, Jay Ponagai, Kate Thirolf, Steven Tuckey, Heather Wollet.

Meeting Agenda Minutes
June 28, 2018 6.28.18 Agenda (pdf)
April 10, 2018 4.10.18 Agenda (pdf) 4.10.18 Minutes (pdf)
Jan. 11, 2018 1.30.18 Agenda (pdf) 1.30.18 Minutes (pdf)

  • Using the WordPress Text Editor

  • Adding Images

  • Adding Links

  • Using the WordPress Media Library

  • Adding a button

    Button example
    Button Text

    To add a button to your page, copy the following code and paste it into the text editor of the page:

    [button link="url"]Button Text[/button]

    Replace the words Button Text with what you want to show up on the button and replace the words url with the url of the link you would like the user to go to when the button is clicked.


    The button Google would have a code that looks like:

    [button link="https://www.google.com/"]Google[/button]


  • Adding tabs

    Tabs example

    Tab 1 content

    Tab 2 content

    To incorporate tabs into a page, copy and paste this code onto your page:


    [tab_section title="Tab 1"]

    Tab 1 content



    [tab_section title="Tab 2"]

    Tab 2 content




    Replace the words Tab 1 with the title that you would like to appear in tab 1 and replace the words Tab 1 content with the content you would like to appear when a user clicks on tab 1. Repeat for tab 2. If you need to add more tabs, copy and highlight starting at [tab_section title="#"]….through…[/tab_section] and paste it before the [/tabs] code.