Web Liaison Committee

The purpose of the web liaison committee is to maintain the integrity of the overall design, functionality, and content of the Jackson College’s website. The committee creates and recommends best practices for web-related activities, explores new initiatives and strategies, receives training on website accessibility and reviews suggestions for changes and improvements to the website.

Learn the basics about Web Accessibility

Distance Learning Accessibility Resources

Information About Disabilities

Make sure your documents are accessible! If you are creating a PDF from a Word document, it is best to first make the Word document accessible and then save it as a PDF. If you do not have the source document of the PDF, then you will have to use Adobe Acrobat Pro X11 to make it accessible. Below you will find tutorials and guides on how to make your documents accessible.


Microsoft Word




Convert Microsoft Documents to PDF

To create a tagged PDF make sure to use ‘Save As‘. Using ‘Print to PDF‘ will strip out the tags and it will no longer be accessible.

The screenshot shows accessibility results from Adobe Acrobat Pro Accessibility Checker:

  • Document on right saved using ‘Save as PDF‘ – no errors due to missing tags
  • Document on left saved using ‘Print to PDF‘ – errors due to missing tags