Learn from the Best

Dr. Clevester Moten

Business Instructor, Public Administration

  • Teaching at Jackson College since 2012
  • Developed new public administration degree

Dr. Clevester Moten enjoys the positive influence he can make on students as a college instructor. Helping students to shape their future and giving them the tools for success makes teaching much more than a job!

“One of my goals for teaching is to always make a positive impact on the lives of students,” said Moten, business instructor and developer of the College’s public administration and management program. “A quality education is a game-changer for all students, a chance to transform lives. It’s a dire need for students in poverty.”

Moten learned about helping others from his mother, who was a supervisor at Jackson’s Interfaith Shelter for 25 years. She would seek out solutions for individuals’ particular needs while helping them overcome poverty and homelessness. “She was inspirational,” he said.

Moten previously worked with LifeWays Community Mental Health as a supervisor of recipient rights. He brought his insights and educational background to the College to develop the public administration program, equipping students with skills to manage all levels of government and nonprofit organizations. With aspects of social justice and equality added to the public administration curriculum, students can gain valuable skills necessary for today’s workplace.

“I’ve always had a passion for teaching,” he said. “I’m not only instructing but also learning from the students. I’m always learning, understanding what is needed to help transform lives and give students skills for a lifelong, sustainable career.”

Moten is thankful for the opportunity to teach at Jackson College. “This is a very caring institution. We not only want to get the best out of our students, but we want to provide the best course content and resources so we can educate students to be all that they can be.”