Adjunct Faculty Profile: David Lauback

From math to Michigan: How one educator finds passion and community at the LeTarte Center

David Lauback loves teaching at the Clyde LeTarte Cente in Hillsdale.  

“I feel like it’s a much smaller community,” he said. “There’s definitely a vibe here of everyone knows everyone and the office staff is super helpful. So, I feel like if I ever have an issue with anything, I can easily go get a solution to any issues I have.” 

The statistics and quantitative reasoning math instructor has been in the Jackson College family since the fall of 2021. He loves teaching those courses because it does a great job of explaining how everything works in the world.  

“I love logical relationships and I love how everything fits together like a nice puzzle. It’s something I’ve always had a passion for,” he said. 

And that love translates to how he sets his students up for success.  

“At the start of every semester, I always have each of my students fill out a small questionnaire and I ask them, ‘what are you taking classes for? What are your long-term goals?’ So, to me teaching these classes enables students to pursue whatever career goals they have. My goal is always to help students to get into whatever career field they’re looking to get into or transfer to the four-year institution they’re looking to transfer to. For me, it’s always about how can I help them achieve their goals,” he said.  

Lauback received his undergraduate degree in middle childhood education from Ohio Northern University in 2012 and his master’s in math education in 2021 from Ball State University. He started his career teaching math in junior high and high school before winding his way to Hillsdale.  

“I think this particular branch — the LeTarte Center — does a great a job at knitting students together in meaningful ways. I think it provides them with opportunities to get to know each other really well,” he said. “It’s awesome to see all the students working together and getting to know each other here.” 

The Hillsdale LeTarte Center is located at 3120 W. Carleton Road.