Prepare for healthcare career in just two semesters as a patient care technician

female medical worker talking to male student

Prepare for a career in healthcare within as few as two semesters with Jackson College’s new Patient Care Technician Certificate program.

Patient care technicians (PCT) care for patients in a hospital or nursing home setting. They offer hands-on care to patients with a variety of needs. PCTs may monitor patients’ health and vital signs, assist with basic needs like feeding and grooming, and sanitize and clean patients’ rooms. Students will also learn how to draw blood and perform EKGs.

About the Program

The Patient Care Technician certificate program requires a minimum of 23 credits. Upon completion, students will be eligible to take the national certification exam. This is the perfect program for someone who wants to get their start in healthcare, as it is only two semesters and can provide skills necessary for an entry-level position. Students may start with this program and continue in nursing, respiratory therapy and radiography, to name a few. As technicians deal with the sick and injured, patience, compassion and stamina are necessary.

Job Opportunities

Professor and Program Director Dr. Kristin Stockbridge shared that many will find positions in a hospital setting.  While there are similarities between medical assistants or nursing assistants, the careers do differ. PCTs bring more skills beyond basic care provided by nursing assistants, such as performing EKGs, drawing blood or starting IVs. While they work in hospitals or nursing homes, medical assistants tend to work in doctor’s offices or clinics. If students decide they would rather work in a medical office or clinic, they may transfer to the medical assistant program after the HOC 115 Introduction to Patient Care course.

Upon completion, students will be eligible to take the national certification exam. The average pay is about $31,000 per year or about $15 per hour. Healthcare careers are very much in demand today. This program could also be a starting point for a student interested in the healthcare field to start working while continuing their studies toward an associate degree program.

Learn more 

To learn more, contact Dr. Kristin Stockbridge.