When alumna Sherri Nidiffer thought about her priorities in life, she realized education needed to be in the mix!

Sherri had thought about going into graphic design but didn’t go to college immediately after high school.  Later, in her mid-20s, some issues arose concerning her health and she needed to re-prioritize what she wanted in life.

“I enrolled at Jackson College mostly for financial reasons. I also found that everyone is willing to work with me on what I needed,” she said. “I also heard about the TRIO program, and that offered extra assistance as well.”

Before starting college, Nidiffer didn’t feel like she was smart. But with the support of faculty and staff, including the TRIO program, that has changed. Now Nidiffer knows she is smart, “college material,” and is confident in her future. “It’s been amazing, I love it here. I’m very proud. People are like ‘oh it’s just community college,’ but this place has been so much more to me because of opportunities.”

Sheri gained a big boost when one of her professors, Tom McMillen-Oakley, recommended she become a tutor. Tutor supervisor Kim McKeown met with her and said she was a light of sunshine and they would love to have her. Nidiffer was in!

“It’s going great. It brings more purpose for me … it’s very fulfilling to be helping other students,” she said.

From an unsure adult returning to college to a student leader helping others succeed, Nidiffer appreciates all Jackson College has meant for her. “There is an overwhelming sense of wanting to help students succeed in every way possible. That’s been my experience. For someone who is an alternative, adult, first-generation student it’s been amazing.”