Chosen Name

Jackson College is committed to creating inclusive and equitable classrooms, campuses, and communities. A core value of Jackson College is to demonstrate caring through attentive and responsive action based on the needs of students and others. To support this commitment, Jackson College recognizes that members of the JC community use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. Therefore, students and employees will have the choice of selecting a chosen first and last name to be used instead of their legal first and last name.

The college acknowledges that this chosen name will be used to identify individuals within the college’s information systems. It is further understood the individual’s chosen name should be used in college communications and reporting, except where the use of the legal name is necessitated by college business or legal requirement.

  • What is a Chosen Name?

    A chosen name is a first and last name that an individual chooses to use instead of legal first and last name. Individuals may opt to go by a chosen name that is different from their legal first and last name. An individual’s chosen name will be added to the college’s primary information system. Where possible chosen name will be used instead of legal name. However, college records and documents, such as financial aid and paychecks, which require the use of a legal name will not use your chosen name.

  • How do I request a Chosen Name?

    Complete the Chosen Name Request Form using Script. Completed forms will be automatically routed to either Student Services (Students) or Human Resources (Employees) for processing.

  • The College will not permit a chosen name under the following situations
    • If the chosen name contains symbols or characters which are not in the standard English 26-letter alphabet. Chosen names with punctuation are at the discretion of the College;
    • If the chosen name carries a connotation that is profane, obscene; is a swear word or depicts a swear word;
    • If it sexually explicit or graphic;
    • If it is excretory-related;
    • If it is used to describe intimate body parts or genitals;
    • If it is used to describe alcohol, alcohol use, drugs, drug use, or drug culture;
    • If it is used to describe illegal activities or illegal substances;
    • If it is used to describe or identify gang life or activities;
    • If it is used to substantially interfere with another individual’s identification;
    • If it is used to disparage or promote or condone hate or violence directed at any type of business, group, person, or persons;
    • If it represents a foreign word falling into any of these categories;
    • If it represents an actual or phonetic spelling of a word prohibited under any of these categories;
    • If it represents a standard, chat, or other abbreviation of a word prohibited under any of these categories;
    • If the number of characters in a chosen name exceeds 30 in the first or last name fields;
    • If it infringes on trademark or copyright law
  • How do I formally change my Legal Name?

    Students requesting a legal name change should follow the instructions available on the update student information page.

    Employees requesting a legal name change should contact Human Resources at 517.796.8460.

  • What to expect after requesting a Chosen Name?

    Once you have submitted the Chosen Name Request form, the request will be routed to Student Services (Students) or Human Resources (Employees) for processing. Your chosen name request will be reviewed and processed by the appropriate department within 3 business days. Next, you will receive an email from the Jackson College Solution Center with your new Jackson College username and email address. Please note your password will remain the same. Information Technology will process these requests on a weekly basis. Chosen name requests completed by Student Services or HR by 11 p.m. on Monday will be processed by Information Technology the next day.

Services that use Legal Name and/or Chosen Name

Application / SystemChosen NamePronounsPopulationAffiliated Department
Admissions Application (Recruit)ScheduledNoEmployeesAdmissions
Astra ScheduleYesNoEmployeesScheduling
Colleague UIYes -
Learn MoreChosen Name is displayed in Colleague on the Context Card, Person Search Results and on the Biographic Information (BIO) form.

Colleague users may look-up individual records using full or partial legal name, chosen name, former names or ID number.

Colleague users will have the option of configuring Communications Management documents to be sent to an person's chosen or legal name.
YesEmployeesInformation Technology
Facilities Request (SchoolDude)YesNoEmployeesFacilities
Housing Director (THD)ScheduledNoStudents and EmployeesHousing
Jackson College ID CardScheduledNoStudents and EmployeesSafety & Security
JetStreamYes -
Learn More'Chosen Name is displayed in JetStream within the following features: Advising Overview, Course Catalog – Faculty Name, Faculty Overview (Attendance, Course Rosters, Grading), Graduation Application, Retention Alert, Student Planning, User Profile
YesStudents and EmployeesInformation Technology
MaxientScheduledNoStudents and EmployeesOffice of Student Conduct
NeoGovYesNoEmployeesHuman Resources
Network LoginYesNoStudents and EmployeesInformation Technology
Office 365YesNoStudents and EmployeesInformation Technology
Perceptive ContentYesNoEmployeesInformation Technology
Solution Center Request (HEAT)YesNoStudents and EmployeesInformation Technology
VPNYesNoEmployeesInformation Technology
WebI ReportingYes -
Learn MoreWebI Users have the option of including Legal Name or Chosen Name in their reports.

If you want to include Legal Name in your reports select the following fields from the Person folder: Person First Name - Legal, Person Last Name - Legal, Person Middle Name - Legal

If you want to include Chosen Name in your reports select the following fields from the Person folder: Person First Name - Selected, Person Last Name - Selected, Person Middle Name - Selected

Please note that the Selected name fields will display the chosen name if a student has one and legal name if they do not.
YesEmployeesInformation Technology