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Welcome to Jackson College!

Attending a four-year university and also wish to take a course at JC?

Here's what you need to do:

Fill out a Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application, print it and submit it to JC via fax 517-796-8446 or mail it to JC, 2111 Emmons Road, Jackson, MI 49201 along with the following:

When all documents are received, registration requests will be processed in the order of receipt. For your convenience, please indicate on the back of your Add/Drop form that you grant permission for JC to leave detailed messages by providing a message phone number and your signature.

Pay to Stay Friday - Payment is due on the Friday of the week that you register. Once the semester has started, payment is due at the time of registration.

Save your course syllabus in case you need further information for your home institution.

Most schools require a 2.0 or higher for transferability.

Consult with your home institution to be sure you have permission to transfer credit back from JC. (Be sure you get the permission in writing. Ask about credit limits, as most colleges accept a limited number of transfer credits.)

Some Typical Choices:

Economics (Macroeconomics - ECN 231 or Microeconomics - ECN 232)
History courses
Literature courses, found under ENG (check on your general education or program requirements)
Math: Intermediate Algebra (MAT 131); Statistics (MAT 133);
           Pre-Calculus (MAT 141); Calculus (MAT 151, MAT 154)

Nursing courses (NUR 121 and NUR 207)
Philosophy (PHL 231)
Political Science (PLS 141)
Psychology courses
Science courses (summer selection is limited)
Sociology courses
Spanish (you can get in two semester's worth during the summer)
Speech (COM 231 or 240)
Writing (ENG 132)

For more Info:

You will need a PDF viewer to open documents linked on this page.

If you do not have one, visit Adobe and download their Adobe Reader.