Using your financial aid and sponsorship funds for books and supplies

Approximately 30 days before classes start, students can use their remaining eligible financial aid and sponsorship funds to charge qualified book and supply purchases at the Jackson College bookstore to their student account. To see what funds you have available, you can use the My Bookstore Available Funds feature in JetStream.

You are responsible for paying any charges you make that are not covered by your remaining financial aid or sponsorship funds Purchasing an excess of eligible expenses that are not required for your classes is a violation of Jackson College policy. If you register for courses, purchase books, and then drop a course, you may owe the college. Please return all books for classes that you drop.

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Follett ACCESS: If you are participating in the Follett ACCESS program, your required textbooks are covered through Follett ACCESS. You may still want to use eligible financial aid or sponsorship funds to purchase recommended textbooks or other eligible supplies.

  • Ineligible Expenses
    • MP-3 players
    • All headphones (except those with a microphone)
    • PC Speakers
    • iHome docking station
    • DVD Recorder
    • Car Audio MP-3 Player
    • Fitbit
    • Clothing
  • Eligible Expenses

    Maximum amounts listed are for each category, students may have lower maximum amounts depending on the amount of Financial Aid or Sponsorship Funds they have remaining.

    Books & Shipping for Registered Classes

    Maximum $1100 including tax

    • Required textbooks
    • Course Packs


    Maximum $1271 including tax

    • Laptops
    • MacBooks
    • Laptop/Tablet Warranty

    Course-Related Supplies

    Maximum $750 including tax

    • Nursing Uniforms and supplies (stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs & other medical accessories)
    • All Calculators
    • Computer software
    • Reference books (Majority of the books are not “required” but recommended)
    • Learning reference guides
    • Digital Cameras (with verified course schedule ART-137 or ART-237 Digital Photography)

    General Supplies

    Maximum $159 including tax

    • Pad folios
    • Student Planners
    • Laptop cases
    • Lanyards
    • Pens, Pencils & Notebooks
    • Printer Ink Cartridges
    • Backpacks


    Maximum $265 including tax

    • Flash drives
    • Web Cameras
    • Digital voice recorders
    • Headphones with a Microphone
    • Printers
    • CDs and other media
    • Electronic cables
    • Wireless keyboard
    • Mice and mouse pads and accessories
    • Cooling mats for laptops
    • Card readers
  • How do I know how much Financial Aid I have available to spend on eligible educational expenses?

    Navigate to the JetStream site at

    Sign into JetStream using your Jackson College email address and password. Note: If you are logged in at a Jackson College computer you may click on Sign is as current user to login.

    Click on the Student Finance box

    Hover over the Student Finance breadcrumb link near the top of the page.

    A pop-up menu will appear, click on My Bookstore Available Funds.

    The My Bookstore Available Funds page will appear. This page is broken into two sections.

    The first section displays the maximum amount by category that is available to use in the Jackson College Bookstore. This amount is reduced when purchases are made at the Jackson College Bookstore using your Financial Aid or Sponsorship funds.

    The next section displays the purchase amounts by category that have been spent at the Jackson College Bookstore using your Financial Aid or Sponsorship funds.

    Note: Sales tax is included in the limits for Section A and the totals in Section B.