Esport Game Design– Certificate

Jackson College Esport Game Design Certificate prepares students for careers in the global business of esport. This program focuses on the creation and design aspect of esport. Students learn 3D modeling, animation, and lighting in video game production. Students are taught the skills necessary to develop and program single and multiplayer video games for gaming consoles, personal computers and networks. Graduates may pursue a variety of careers including programmer, animator, graphic designer, technician, writing, artist and entrepreneur.

Minimum credits: 18
Minimum cumulative GPA: 2.0
Minimum grade in all courses: 2.0
Minimum Jackson College credits: 15


Take the following:

Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
CIS 134 Graphic Imaging (Adobe® PhotoShop®) 3

Learn the intricacies of scanning and editing images for producing practical and expressive images on a computer using Adobe® PhotoShop® software.

CIS 183 Introduction to Animation 3

This course introduces students to the techniques necessary to produce animated digital image sequences.  Using industry standard software tools, students develop graphics and initiate the movement of their 2D and 3D objects in frame animation by actions such as rotating, scaling, and tweening.

Prerequisite: CIS 134

CIS 272 Computer Gaming Fundamentals 3 CIS 172, CIS 173 and CIS 271

Game engine fundamental workflows will be introduced from a design perspective. Using a pre-made game engine, students will import static and animated props into an environment to create maps and levels.

CIS 274 3D Modeling 3

Students will begin learning the basic low polygon modeling techniques in appropriate software.  Special emphasis on character design and environmental modeling will be the key to this class along with a flow into topics of topology. This course is perfect for an artist or technically-minded individual.

Prerequisite: CIS 134

SMT 110 Esport in Society 3

This course is designed to explore the sociological factors that influence esport in our society. The purpose of the course is to provide the student with the basis and ability to examine sociological issues found within esport. Key areas that will be examined in this course are health and wellness, global issues, youth and teen experiences, and race, religion, and gender equity in esport.

SMT 210 Introduction to Esport Management 3

This course is designed to explore the various areas of the esport business industry. The course will examine the following areas in esport: business competencies, event management, league operations, fan engagement, coaching, team management, content creation and video production, sponsorship, and broadcasting and streaming.  Other areas that will be examined in this course are health promotion and preventative care for esport gamers, influence of media on esport, and the history of esport.  This course will introduce students to career opportunities and business concepts required to manage esport organizations and operations.  The industry structure and challenges will also be discussed.