Colleague Information

Accessing Colleague

Before getting started in UI 4.x there are basic system requirements that must be met outlined below:

  • a supported browser (IE 11, IE 8, Firefox Windows 3.0x, Safari Mac 3.0)
  • Microsoft Silverlight 3
  • Pop-up blocker disabled
  • Screen resolution of 1024×768 or higher (1920×1080 or 1280×1024 recommended)

Java and Silverlight should currently be installed on all JC machines. Please be sure to check your pop-up blocker and screen resolution settings.


Launch UI 4.6 Prod Account
Launch UI 5.9 Prod Account


Note: Test environment data current as of 02/02/19 2:15 AM

Launch UI 4.6 Test Account
Launch UI 5.9 Test Account


In addition to the Quick Demo within the interface, the below handouts will provide you the basic navigation steps you need to get started. Detailed process training should be handled by the department responsible for that workflow.

Available Documents:

Colleague Reporting – WebI

External Resources

Software Updates Testing

Administrative Systems is committed to providing dependable, reliable, secure and accessible systems and services. We are also responsible to comply with state and federal regulations and auditor requirements.

As a result, it is imperative that we ensure proper testing of Colleague Software Updates prior to application to our Production Environment.

Outlined below is the current process that has been established:

  • Administrative Systems applies updates to the R18 Test account and makes documentation and testing matrix available to user areas.
  • User areas will refer to matrix and documentation to test appropriate workflows.
  • Areas will sign off with either a “Tested- Your Initials” or “Not Applicable- Your Initials” in Testing Complete/Not Applicable Sign Off column.
    Not Applicable would be used for processes that JC doesn’t use.
  • If needed, areas will fill in the Issues to Resolve column.
  • Areas will return document to Administrative Systems.
  • IT will resolve issues, communicate with client and once resolution is acceptable for all parties, Administrative Systems will update the Approved for Production column and retain document for auditors.

Please submit all technical work requests and account requests to the JC Solution Center.