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Information Technology

My Network Services Account

JC provides each student with the following accounts;

All accounts are available to you starting the first day of your classes. Accounts will be disabled after your classes end, so you are responsible for backing up your files on removable disks prior to your account being disabled.

Exception: e-Services accounts are available one day after registration and will remain available two years after your last successfully completed course.

Network Account

Your network account provides you the following;

  • Access to JC workstations
  • Access to JC supported software
  • Access to network printing
  • Access to network storage for coursework
  • Access to World Wide Web

Your Username is the first seven letters of your last name, the first seven letters of your first name, and your middle initial. No spaces. No punctuation. You can look up your username at What is my username?

Your default Password is the first letter of your first name (capitalized), first letter of your last name (lower-case), the two digits of your day of birth, the last two digits of your year of birth, and the last four digits of your student I.D. number.

For more information on the password format please click here.

For your safety, JC passwords expire every 18 weeks and need to be changed. For assistance with changing your password contact the JC Solution Center.

Enroll Now! Save time later!
Information Technology is pleased to announce a new self-service password management system called JC Reset Password Management (JC SSRPM). This system will allow you to reset your network services sccount password on your own at any time. Click here for more information and to enroll today!


Your JetNet account provides you the following;

  • Access to JC online courses
    • Coursework Submission
    • Quizzes & Exams
    • Internal Email
    • Discussion Boards
    • Student Lounge

Your username and password for JetNet is the same as your network account.


Your e-Services account provides you the following;

  • Access to online student records
    • Class Schedule
    • Transcripts
    • Registration
    • Grades
    • Financial Aid status
    • Account Summary
    • Other important student record information

Your username and password for e-Services is the same as your network account. For more information about e-Services, please contact Student Services at ext. 8425.

Student Email

Your Student email account provides you the following;

  • Communication Services -
    Email and calendaring with a 10GB inbox and instant messaging through Outlook live
  • Collaboration Services -
    Ability to access, share and collaborate through SkyDrive (online storage space)
  • Productivity Services -
    Create, view, edit and share Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online (Microsoft Office Web Apps)

Visit and to learn about the latest feature updates on Microsoft SkyDrive and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Your username and email address for JC Student Email is the same as your network account with at the end. Example: Your password is initially set to the default format; if you change this password it will NOT change your network services account password.