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Michigan Transfer Pathways

Jackson College joins with community colleges across the state to create easy-to-understand pathways for students transferring credit to a university.

Working to increase degree completion among transfer students, community colleges and universities have collaborated to simplify the transfer process by developing MiTransfer Pathways. This allows community college students to apply every credit to four-year universities in specific programs.

  • Communication – MiTransfer Pathway

    MiTransfer Pathways – Communication

    Community colleges and universities have collaborated to simplify the transfer process by developing MiTransfer Pathways. These transfer pathways build on the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), which makes it easier for students to transfer their general education courses earned at Jackson College to participating four-year institutions in Michigan. View Jackson College’s MTA requirements.

    Communication faculty identified courses that will transfer between community colleges and universities in Michigan. The following courses at Jackson College are guaranteed to transfer to communication programs of participating institutions.

    Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
    COM 231 Communication Fundamentals 3 ENG 085, ENG 091

    Students will learn the basic principles of speech communication including speech development and delivery, interpersonal message, non-verbal messages, and small group dynamics. The course is designed to prepare students to be effective communicators in a diverse global society. Student speeches will be evaluated for effectiveness.

    COM 240 Interpersonal Communication 3 ENG 085, ENG 091

    (FORMERLY SPH 240) Students will learn to improve communication in one-on-one and small group situations. In this course, students will examine basic verbal and non-verbal elements affecting communication between individuals in family, peer group and work contexts. Specific units of discussion include intrapersonal perspective, conflict resolution, self-disclosure, message generation, intercultural messages and non-verbal communication.

    Jackson College Degree Requirements

    These are Jackson College associate degree requirements and may not be accepted for transfer by universities participating in the agreement.

    Course # Course Name Credits Prerequisites Notes
    GEO 7 Some MTA courses meet this requirement 3
    SEM 140 Seminar in Life Pathways 3

    Seminar in Life Pathways is a gateway course to Jackson College. This course is designed to help all students develop the skills, inner qualities and external behaviors needed to take charge of their academic and career success. Students will be guided through an extensive process in making career choices and selecting an academic program of study at Jackson College and beyond. With the exception of second-admit programs, SEM 140 is required of all students.

    Transfer Institution Degree Requirements

    Transfer institutions have identified remaining degree requirements that a student can take at Jackson College that will transfer to a participating art program. To view each institution’s additional degree requirements, select your transfer institution then use Michigan Transfer Networks’s course equivalencies tool to find the course equivalent at Jackson College.