Mission, Vision & Values

The Jackson College Department of Nursing shares the Jackson College values statement and behaviors necessary to achieve our program learning outcomes.

Nursing Department Vision

The nursing faculty is committed to providing an interactive nursing educational process that promotes the development of professional identity, instills a spirit of inquiry that ingrains lifelong learning practices and provides the tools to form evidence-based nursing judgements that allow human beings to flourish and reach their maximum health potential within their unique cultural and socioeconomic environments.

Jackson College Mission

Together we inspire and transform lives.

Jackson College Vision

Jackson College is a world-class institution of higher education where learners succeed and community needs are met.

Jackson College Values

  • Integrity – We demonstrate integrity through professional, ethical, transparent, and consistent behavior in both our decision-making and in our treatment of people; being accountable for our work and actions is the basis of trust.
  • Caring – We demonstrate caring through attentive and responsive action to the needs of students, employees and our community.  We listen with open minds, speak kindly, and foster relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Collaboration – We demonstrate collaboration through the mutual commitment of individuals and organizations who come together for a common cause..
  • Innovation – We demonstrate innovation through the continuous improvement of all processes and services.
  • Equity – We demonstrate equity by seeking involvement and providing access for those with diverse backgrounds to work toward a culture of inclusion while maintaining differences in a respectful way.
  • Service – We demonstrate service by striving to make the communities we serve great places to live, work, and learn.
  • Leadership – We demonstrate leadership by nurturing the full development of our employees and those we serve.
  • Stewardship – We demonstrate stewardship through our mindful management of the human, intellectual, fiscal and environmental resources entrusted to us.