Practical Nursing – Certificate (PN-C)

This program prepares students to provide direct nursing care, under supervision, to individuals in a variety of health care settings. The program consists of integrated lectures, labs, clinical experiences, and simulations. Students who successfully complete the curriculum receive the certificate in practical nursing and are eligible to take the state licensing examination (NCLEX-PN) required for licensure as a practical nurse (LPN).

Students must apply for admission to the nursing program and must do so within the application deadlines. Admission to the nursing program is highly competitive and is not guaranteed. There are special admission requirements to the nursing program, and it is the student’s responsibility to understand the requirements and adhere to them. Students must meet all admission requirements. Admission into the program is based on a competitive point system, a pre-admission standardized exam (HESI RN Admission Assessment [A2]), and completion of prerequisite courses. The selection process is subject to change. Students must work with a student success navigator to plan the prerequisite course sequence and to make application to the nursing program. The advisor will explain the point system on the “Practical Nursing Selection Process-Worksheet.”

The three-semester practical nursing program begins in March of each year and concludes the following May. There is a short break from mid-July to late August between Semester I and Semester II. Practical nursing classes are on a different course calendar than other classes. All science classes must be taken within the last eight years. Practical nursing courses must be taken in sequence. Students are required to take a licensure preparation course at Jackson College as part of their curriculum in order to graduate.

Most clinical sites are subject to Act 303 of the Public Acts of 2002, amended April 1, 2006, of the State of Michigan, which restricts persons with certain criminal convictions from having access to vulnerable populations. Therefore, the agreements that Jackson College has with these organizations require that as a condition of admission, all students will be subject to a fingerprint-based criminal background check, including an FBI check. Exclusions for convictions can range from one year to permanent exclusion. Questions should be directed to the security department.

In addition, all students must pass a drug screen to enter any nursing program at Jackson College, as well as complete immunizations (as required for health care providers), meet technical standards, and complete a physical form. Following graduation, applicants for licensure as a nurse are also asked about criminal convictions and substance abuse, and this can impact the individual’s ability to become licensed.

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