American Host Family Program

Global Student Organization (GSO)

Chinese Moon Festival 2017Mission Statement
Global Student Organization (GSO) at Jackson College (JC) is dedicated to enhancing the academic, social, and cultural development for international students as well as domestic students through student organized activities and programs.

Vision Statement
The GSO at JC is a community of international and domestic students dedicated to promoting and enhancing international awareness, cooperation, ethics, cultural diversity and dialogue among students of all nationalities attending JC.


  • Increase student involvement on campus through shared cultural experiences
  • Promote personal growth, wellness, and life-long learning
  • Promote leadership characteristics through activities and events at JC and throughout our community
  • Develop the ability to understand and communicate with respect, while living harmoniously in a diverse society
  • Create an awareness of the diverse forces that shape our world and ourselves in order to keep pace with the changing society

Complete the application and drop it off at BW 221.