Transfer Guides

Below you will find links to transfer curriculum guides at numerous four-year colleges and universities. Although we work closely with these institutions, we strongly recommend you contact the college or university to which you plan to transfer early in your college career so you can verify the accuracy of this transfer information.

MACRAO Agreement

If transferring with the MACRAO designation it is necessary to complete all of the required courses. However, it is not necessary to complete all of the courses on a transfer guide prior to transferring. Most colleges and universities require a grade of 2.0 or higher for credits to be transferable. Jackson College participates in the MACRAO Articulation Agreement with 24 colleges and universities across the state.

Michigan Transfer Agreement

The Michigan Transfer Agreement provides transferability of up to 30 semester credits to meet many of the General Education Requirements at participating Michigan four-year colleges and universities. By carefully choosing courses, students may obtain an associate degree from JC and complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

The MTA is available for students who started taking classes at JC in fall 2014 and forward. Students who were attending JC prior to fall 2014  should continue to work on fulfilling the MACRAO requirements included in the catalog of the year they started taking courses at JC.

Transfer Guides

This list of links is not exhaustive. We have listed some of the more popular colleges and universities that JC students have chosen to attend. See a student success navigator for information about other programs and/or universities.

Click on the link to see information provided by the respective college or university.