Veteran Student Emergency Fund

Jackson College’s Got Your 6

At Jackson College we understand how personal financial constraints can increase your risk of success at college. When you are having trouble meeting urgent financial needs, Jackson College may be able to provide a grant.

“Jackson College’s Got your 6” is a grant that can be used for basic living expenses (rent, utilities, and food), temporary needs and family emergencies. The application process for a “Got Your 6” grant requires no budget information.

To be eligible for “Jackson College’s Got Your 6,” you must be a currently enrolled Jackson College student, and utilizing a form of Veteran Affairs Education Benefit. You may not be on academic probation or suspension, and may not have applied for graduation.

Jackson College’s Got your 6 Application

What to Expect at Your Appointment

We will listen to understand your financial situation, and after reviewing your financial situation we will determine if you qualify for financial assistance. The assistance provided is completely confidential.  If you do qualify, you’ll receive a grant to be paid directly to the third party.

Qualifying Situations

We may be able to provide funds to assist with a variety of financial needs. Common situations may include:

  • Basic Living Expenses: Food, rent/mortgage, utilities
  • Car expenses; repairs and insurance deductibles
  • VA pay shortage
  • Childcare expenses

Applying for a Grant

To request a “Got your 6” grant, complete and provide the required documentation: