Private Loans

There are several options for paying your student account balance. If you have exhausted all federal, state and institutional financial aid and you still need additional funding, you may wish to pursue a private loan. You may apply for any amount up to the cost of education, as determined by the Financial Aid Office, minus any other aid (including federal loans) that you are receiving. You will want to compare several lenders to find the best private loan to meet your needs. As a guide to assist you, we have compiled a list of our most frequently requested private lenders who have disbursed at least one loan to Jackson College students in the last year.

Application Process for all student borrowers requesting a private loan

All student borrowers will have a credit review completed by their lender. You have the option to select the lender you would like to use. If your application is denied, you may be able to apply with a creditworthy co-signer. There is a federal 10 day right to rescind the loan, which can cause delay in the release of the loan funds, so apply early.

  1. View the Recommended Lender List –A list of lenders is provided along with their website link to review their benefits, terms and conditions of their private loan option(s). Before selecting a lender, be certain that you are eligible for the loan.  After selecting a lender, click on the “Apply Now” link. Apply with ONLY one lender.  If you have previously borrowed, contact your lender directly to apply.
  2. The lender will instruct how to apply for your private (non-federal) loan and will complete an instant credit check, regardless of whether you have previously borrowed.
  3. Request a loan amount and apply for the full amount needed for the entire academic year (both Fall and Winter semesters) or for a specific term (i.e. Spring).  The school certified amount cannot exceed the cost of attendance.
  4. Apply with the correct school code – 02274, so your lender can forward a Certification Request to the Jackson College Office of Financial Aid. Once you sign loan disclosure forms, your lender will notify you when the funds will disburse to the school.