Innovation Fund

At Jackson College, we recognize that innovation is present within each one of us (even if we don’t recognize it at first).   Our focus on Total Commitment to Student Success (TCS2) is not an individual effort but rather a campus wide on-going initiative.  We are grateful for our employees and feel some of the best ideas for improvement will come forward from the Innovation Fund.  As part of our commitment to TCS2, we are excited to provide the opportunity for all employees to complete an application for the Innovation Fund.  The Innovation Fund provides you with the opportunity to bring forward an idea you feel will have a significant impact on the College and ultimately support our TCS2 and our retention and completion goals of 90/80/70.

Innovation Fund Process

  • Submit the application form on this web page.
  • The respective member of Leadership Council will review the application and discuss with colleagues impacted.
  • If the idea is vetted, the employee will be invited to the Leadership Council to present their idea.
  • You will be notified if the idea will be implemented by the respective Leadership Council.
  • If accepted, the submitter may be eligible for a monetary award and the idea will be moved forward for implementation.

*Process last reviewed and updated on May 22, 2019

Please , Chief of Staff with any questions pertaining to this process or application.

Innovation Fund Application

Please complete all of the following questions.