Business & Computer Technology Pathway

The Business and Computer Technology Pathway includes careers related to all aspects of business and computer technology, including accounting, finance, business administration, marketing, culinary arts, and information processing. These may include eCommerce, entrepreneurship, computer information systems, cyber security, human resources, office administration, sports management and marketing.


Are you a numbers person? Those in accounting prepare, produce and analyze financial records for organizations. Tasks may include computing, classifying and recording data, or performing any combination of routine calculating, posting and verifying duties.

Business Administration

Workers with good business and management skills are in demand. Business students are equipped with tools to analyze a business situation, shape long-term action plans, oversee plans as they are carried out, and make countless large and small decisions along the way.

Cloud Networking

Big data is leading to big opportunity for computer network specialists with knowledge of cloud computing! Jackson College’s cloud networking classes offer students ample opportunity to work hands-on and practice problem solving.

Computer Networking

Computer network specialists design and build data communication networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. These networks range from small connections to a multinational series of globally distributed communications systems.

Computer Service

Computer service technicians repair computer parts, network connections, and computer equipment, such as an external hard drive or computer monitor. Computer repairers must be familiar with various operating systems and commonly used software packages.

Computer Support

Computer support specialists provide technical assistance and support to individuals and organizations that depend on information technology. They work within organizations that use computer systems, for computer vendors or for third-party information technology (IT) organizations

Culinary Arts

Culinary arts professionals, such as chefs and head cooks, have a variety of responsibilities that may include preparing food, supervising and coordinating the activities of food service workers, planning menus and ordering and maintaining inventories.


Cybersecurity analysts work to ensure that an organization’s computer networks, computer systems and digital information stay safe from cyber-attacks and hackers. They may plan, monitor and test computer systems for security and implement appropriate security controls.


Electronic or Ecommerce refers to any type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the Internet. In this emerging online industry, a dynamic web presence is quickly becoming critical for success in regular or online business and entrepreneurial ventures.


A successful entrepreneur is someone who identifies specific needs in the world around them and then creatively implements strategies for meeting those needs. Some may start their own business venture, while others may work within a larger organization.

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants provide support for senior management and executives in almost every business type – industrial, retail, medical, legal, finance, education, hospitality, non-profits and more. Duties include performing clerical functions, conducting research and handling information requests.


People with management skills are employed in every industry and organization in the career world. Build on your natural ability to get along with people and develop your leadership potential for management roles.


Marketing is a business function that focuses on finding a market for a product or service, and promoting and advertising to that market. It may include advertising, promotions and public relations, as well as research.

Microsoft Office Specialist

Prepare for a number of positions in an automated office setting. Perform duties too varied and diverse to be classified in any specific office clerical occupation, requiring knowledge of office systems and procedures. Provide technical assistance to computer users.

Project Management

The Project Management Certificate will develop your skills as a project leader and team member in today’s business sector. The skills gained will allow you to successfully plan projects, lead teams, and be an effective team member.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the process of analyzing user needs to design, develop, test, deploy, and manage software applications systems. Software applications systems connect you to a computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile device.

Sports Management

America has seen a surge in interest in sports at all levels, from pee wee soccer to the professional leagues. Travel teams, recreational departments, non-profit organizations and more have seen an increase in demand for proper leadership and management.